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Bar of Arrr, a Kiwi Brew Bar at the America's Cup

[Photos: Patricia Chang]

The America's Cup continues to throw interesting new culinary experiences our way, many of which hail from the sunny climes of New Zealand, one of the competitors in the race. First, pop-up Waiheke Island Yacht Club came onto the scene, and now a massive pop-up beer bar, Bar of Arrr, is hot on its heels. As you may have guessed, Bar of Arrr is pirate-themed, with cute little skulls and pretend treasure-hunts everywhere on its spacious, semi-enclosed square footage. (The bartenders wear eyepatches, too.) And unlike Waiheke, it's got plenty of Bay and boat views off the edge of Pier 29 to keep you intrigued.

Bar of Arrr marks the American debut of New Zealand craft brewery Moa (whose wares are also available at Waiheke), and a huge complement of their beers are available on draft or by the bottle, as well as in tasting trays. They include a "breakfast beer" brewed with fresh cherries, an ale fermented with champagne yeast, and a rich imperial stout, and they'll definitely present some unusual flavors to American drinkers, thanks to their use of New Zealand hops, many of which impart a tropical-fruit character to the beer. (There are also some standard macrobrews for the unadventurous.) The bar is open daily, from 10 am-7 pm on race days and 12-7 pm on non-race days. It'll stick around until the end of the races, September 21st.

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Bar of Arrr

Pier 29, San Francisco, CA 94133