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Cochon Announces Heritage Fire Lineup (And Shark)

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Chefs string up chickens at Heritage Fire.
Chefs string up chickens at Heritage Fire.
Photo: Galdones Photography

The folks behind porkfest Cochon 555 are getting prepared for their second Bay Area event of the year: Cochon Heritage Fire, which focuses on live-fire cooking of whole heritage animals of every stripe. Now, they've announced the lineup of who's going to be there to roast said animals, an elite group that includes chefs both local (Robin Song, Chris Thompson, David Bazirgan) and national (Jason Barwikowski of Portland's acclaimed Woodsman Tavern). And founder Brady Lowe has secured another prize for the event: an honest-to-God thresher shark, which Goose & Gander chef Kelly McCown will roast whole.

Here's the lineup, and what everyone's making:

· David Bazirgan, Fifth Floor, San Francisco: Squab and other small birds
· Chris Thompson, A16, San Francisco: Heritage goat, asado-style
· Robin Song, Hog & Rocks, San Francisco: Tastings of a Wagyu cow
· Kim Wiss, Antica Napa Valley, Napa: California ducks
· Peter Jacobsen, Jacobsen Orchards, Yountville: Team Toast, whole-loaf artisan toast
· Lars Kronmark, CIA, Greystone, St. Helena: Wood-fired artisan cheeses
· Patrick Clark, CIA Greystone, St. Helena: Wood-fired artisan cheeses
· Jason Kupper, The Thomas, Napa: Whole pig, asado-style
· John Sorensen, Sorensen Catering, Napa: Lobster and lamb cooked in embers
· Eric Alegria & Joshua Schwartz, Old World Rabbitry, Middletown: Heritage rabbit butchering demo
· Jason Barwikowski, Woodsman Tavern, Portland, OR: Whole lamb
· Joshua Schwartz, Del Dotto Winery, Napa: Mangalitsa pig butchering demo and plancha-seared Mangalitsa cuts
· Kelly McCown, Goose & Gander, St. Helena: Spit-roasted thresher shark

In addition to the chef-driven offerings, cocktails, wine, oysters, whole chickens, pies, and s'mores are also on the menu. The Cochon Heritage Fire event will be held on Sunday, August 11th at Charles Krug Winery in St. Helena. Tickets are $125.

Update, 12:08 pm: Devin Knell of the French Laundry has been added to the lineup. He'll be roasting oysters.

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Charles Krug Winery

2800 Main St, St Helena, CA 94574