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Stray Bar Getting the Bloodhound/Churchill Treatment

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The Churchill, Bloodhound, and Double Dutch team has added a new watering hole to their portfolio: Stray Bar in Bernal Heights. The duo of Mike Goebel and Darren Brunson, with the addition of partner John Ottman-Combs, will be replacing the sports bar at 309 Cortland with a classier cocktail destination.

Although they're still hammering out the concept, Mike says we can expect something along the same lines as Bloodhound and Churchill, with a focus on quality cocktails and an approachable neighborhood vibe. No word on whether the new spot will be as famously dog-friendly as Stray, where "sit, stay, drink" was the popular directive. The space, which is currently gutted down to the studs, is at least two months out.

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TBD Bloodhound/Churchill Project

309 Cortland Ave., San Francisco, CA