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Rustic, A Pizza and Patio Destination

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[Photos: Rose Garrett]

Rustic, the new pizzeria and patio haven on 24th Street, has officially opened its doors. Formerly the site of Pizza de Mano and Popo's Pizza, Rustic is hoping the addition of a biergarten and sunny back patio, soon to include two bocce courts, will banish the ghosts of pizzerias past.

Erik Reese (of Burgermeister and Grub) contributed the recipes and designed the menu, which aims for old-school Italian comfort with hand-stretched artisan pizzas, Italian subs, specialties like calzones and stromboli, and nine hefty salads like roasted beet and panzanella. Pizza-wise, they're going for a thinner, more crackly Neapolitan-style crust, with offerings like their margherita (topped with fior di latte, burratina, and buffalo mozzarella) and a "create your own pie" option. Tom Elliott, who fell in with Reese while working together at Alibi, is behind the counter. In addition to the Italian classics, they're also serving up a weekend backyard BBQ menu that includes rotisserie chicken and half and full racks of ribs.

That's the business up front, but Rustic also has plans for a full-on party in back. Pending an August 8th "feasibility" hearing on their proposed bocce courts, Rustic will open up its large back patio, which will soon top everyone's list for warm weekend drinking. They'll have umbrellas for sun, heat lamps for cold, and strings of Italian wedding lights to dress up the space after dark. According to Elliott, bocce leagues and tournaments are also part of the plan.

The patio adjoins a rear taproom with wine and eight easy-drinking beers on tap, including Anchor Steam, Prohibition, Lagunitas IPA and Mirror Pond. They've also got sangria, Mexican Coke and plenty of bottled beers, including a 20-ounce PBR option.

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