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Beer Events: Anniversaries, Saisons, and Bacon

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Bottles all lined up at the Trappist.
Bottles all lined up at the Trappist.
Photo: Fei L./Yelp

THE MISSION—Today, we dedicate EaterWire to beer and beer-related events. To start, the Abbot's Cellar is celebrating its first anniversary twice: giving away extra treats with Friday's tasting menu, then selling off some extra bottles from the Monk's Kettle's cellar on Saturday. [EaterWire]

OAKLAND—Meanwhile, in Oakland, The Trappist will be holding a Saison Festival, with 20 rare and obscure saisons on draft and a chef cooking up wild-boar ribs and saison ceviche. [EaterWire]

NOB HILLTickets are now on sale for the first-ever San Francisco Bacon and Beer Festival, the inaugural West Coast edition of a popular Boston event. They'll have a solid selection of local brewers, and lots of butchers and restaurants serving up bacon-y things, all at the Fairmont. [EaterWire]

INNER SUNSET—And finally, if you don't have plans tonight, it's not too late to hop over to the Academy of Sciences for their Science of Brewing edition of Nightlife, featuring tons of local brewers discussing their craft and pouring their wares. [EaterWire]

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