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Chris Cosentino's Comic Book Is Out Wednesday

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Even as his big-screen counterpart hits theaters, the comic world's Wolverine is getting down to business in a more useful place for his adamantium claws: Chris Cosentino's kitchen. Cosentino authored his own Marvel comic book, Wolverine: In the Flesh, which has art by Dalibor Talajic and is being released on Wednesday. The plot of the book involves a Wolverine visit to SF, where he attempts to solve a rash of murders by the "Bay Area Butcher." The only man he can trust for some impromptu knife expertise? The Incanto celebrity chef, of course. (The restaurant makes an appearance, and according to Cosentino, "there is definitely a lot of San Francisco culture throughout the book.")

Cosentino grew up reading the X-Men, and was recruited to do the book by Marvel talent scout C.B. Cebulski over Twitter. He's the second celebrity chef to make it into the comics world: Anthony Bourdain did a sushi-themed graphic novel, Get Jiro, last year. It's a one-off book, but he's confident there will be more cross-over between the two genres: "I think comic book fans and those that are enamored by the food industry are very similar. They are very passionate and they stand behind what they believe in."

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