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Umami Burger, Sizzling in Oakland

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After some construction delays that were originally thought to push it later in the year, Umami Burger Oakland has made a rebound, softly opening today in Uptown. (Several tipsters have told us they saw it open as early as last Wednesday, but that's the line they're pushing, anyway.) As with the other Umami Burgers, it has a very special burger all its own: this one's the queso fundido burger, with beef topped with housemade chili con queso and chorizo-inflected fundido sauce. Other than that, the lineup is pretty typical of the other locations, with burgers, fries, and salads. This location also has full liquor, and there are five beers on draft. Hours are 11 am-10 pm daily, though the closing time may vary during the soft opening as they try to figure out what's right for the neighborhood. No word on when they'll be officially open. Meanwhile, a second SF location will come to King Street next year, and the Union Street and Palo Alto editions continue to chug along.

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Umami Burger

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