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Mixt Rover Hits the Road; Minnie Bell's Visits Proxy

Mixt Rover: already so popular!
Mixt Rover: already so popular!
Photo: Courtesy Mixt Rover

SAN FRANCISCOMixt Rover, a new delivery service from the Mixt Greens folks, is now hitting the streets. [Inside Scoop]

HAYES VALLEYLa Cocina alum Minnie Bell's Soul Movement is popping up at the Proxy project every weekend, beginning this weekend. Expect lots of tasty soul food. [Hayeswire]

NEW YORK CITY—After leaving Krescendo, longtime SF-er Elizabeth Falkner of Citizen Cake fame has moved on to Corvo Bianco, a coastal Italian spot. [~ ENY ~]

DANVILLE—Newish Oakland pizzeria The Forge is doing so well that they're already in expansion mode: a smaller Danville branch will open within grocery store Lunardi's in the next couple of weeks. [EaterWire]

The Forge

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