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All About Irish Coffee; Free Ferries to Marin

[Photo: the queen of subtle/Flickr]

FISHERMAN'S WHARF—Want to know about one of San Francisco's most iconic drinks? The Buena Vista Café's venerable bartender Larry Nolan talks all about Irish coffees. [Examiner]

LARKSPUR—In a bid to attract visitors to the Marin Country Mart, Golden Gate Larkspur Ferry is offering free ferry rides between San Francisco and Marin for the entire month of August. Hope onboard for Larkspur Landing, where attractions include a farmers market, Off the Grid event and spots like Farmshop, El Huarache Loco and Three Twins Ice Cream. [SF Weekly]

TENDERLOINCafe Royale has built its reputation around singalongs, spelling bees and live music, but they've got a new feather in their cap: a full liquor license. Huzzah! [Tablehopper]

LOWER HAIGHTA transition is afoot for P-Kok's retail space, which is being converted for restaurant use. Neighbors received a notice that the Haight Street location aims to operate a restaurant between 7am and 7pm, and a rendering reveals a floorplan that'll accomodate about ten two-tops. [Haighteration]