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No Nitrogen, No Smitten; Wise Sons Launches Breakfast

Smitten's liquid nitrogen powered ice cream machine at work. [Photo: kennejima/Flickr]

HAYES VALLEYA missed liquid-nitrogen delivery meant no ice cream from Smitten yesterday. Smitten uses nitrogen to freeze its ingredients on the spot in its proprietary "Brrr" machine, but without it, they were forced to close up shop on a rare warm Sunday. [Hayeswire]

SOMAWise Sons is adding a weekday morning breakfast to its new digs at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Expect bialys, lox and a pastrami and egg sandwich, plus De La Paz coffee, from 8 am onwards. [Tablehopper]

BERKELEY—The new Great China restaurant is continuing its renovation, but its opening has been pushed back until October. As so often happens, unexpected delays have stalled the opening, which will eventually reveal a bigger, more modern space. [Berkeleyside]

LOWER HAIGHT—Questions raised by mysterious movement in the former P-Kok retail space have been answered: The Grind has snapped up the space, and will use it for food prep and storage, but they may also have a to-go counter or overflow seating from the location across the street. Stay tuned. [Haighteration]

Smitten Ice Cream

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