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Hube's Clues

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It's Shitshow Week at Eater NY, and Eater Vegas echoed their "airing of grievances" with some harsh words for celebrity chef Hubert Keller, who got chewed out by "a prominent food writer" who visited the Las Vegas counterpart to his San Francisco restaurant Fleur de Lys. While the anonymous writer praised Fleur de Lys for being "subtle, elegant, epicurean and yard-long-daiquiri-free," (s)he flat-out hated lunch at Fleur, Hubert's Vegas spin on the concept. Instead of tapas, there was "low-relief ass art on the walls, dopey flatbreads, silly salads, a hot dog and a bevy of burgers." What's the deal, chef? "Are you possessed of the notion that people are physically unable to digest ceviche and octopus before the sun is over the yardarm?" [~ ELV ~]