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Marin Sun Farms Vandalized by Animal-Rights Activists

Marin Sun's van, which got its tires slashed.
Marin Sun's van, which got its tires slashed.
Photo: Saul's Deli

Because there apparently weren't enough fur coats to throw paint on this week, a group of animal-rights activists decided to turn their attention to vandalizing Marin Sun Farms' new SOMA processing facility. As Inside Scoop reports, Marin Sun had their door glued shut and the tires on four of their delivery vans slashed, among other annoyances, and while they initially attributed it to deplorable teens or something similar, a chance Google Alert for their name identified a group of unknown animal-rights activists as the perpetrator.

"Around midnight on August 12, we held local animal abuser Dave Evans and
Marin Sun Farms accountable for the lives they've destroyed," writes a group calling themselves the "San Francisco Animal Liberationists." "First, we glued the locks on their new San Francisco meat processing building, on Eighth and Bryant Street. We slashed all sixteen tires on the four Marin Sun Farms vehicles parked out front. Our next stop was their butcher shop in Oakland's Market Hall. We left the glass door slathered with glass etching cream."

Why they did it: "We took action on behalf of the thousands of pigs, cows, lambs, chickens, and goats killed for profit by Marin Sun Farms. Hiding behind the language of sustainability can never hide the violence and terror of the blade and
captive bolt gun....We hold no illusions that our action will cause Marin Sun Farms to retreat and close up shop. Their violence is motivated by the huge profits they reap. Their new processing facility is a three million dollar investment. But we act to make their work just that much more difficult. We act to show them that their speciesist violence will always be met with resistance."

None of this vandalism, of course, takes into account that Marin Sun is far from a factory farmer, emphasizing pasture-raised, grass-fed animals, and is actually trying to offer consumers more sustainable and humane options. But why attack faraway corporations that can afford things like security guards and cameras, when you can target an independent business without even leaving San Francisco? For his part, Evans is undeterred: "The vandalism was minimal, and did not detour us in feeding our community...We will continue our purpose in building a more sustainable food model and creating greater opportunities for our network of food-shed co-producers to raise their livestock humanely and respectfully with environmental integrity."

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Marin Sun Farms

8th St. and Bryant St., San Francisco, CA