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Bauer's Noise Complaints; Chinatown's Oldest Restaurant

Central Kitchen: noisy.
Central Kitchen: noisy.
Photo: Molly DeCoudreaux

SAN FRANCISCO—Michael Bauer does not like noisy restaurants, and neither do his readers. Today, he hands out another round of Golden Hearing Aid awards to Central Kitchen, Padrecito, Michael Mina, and Lers Ros Hayes Valley, with honorary mentions to Mikkeller Bar and Trick Dog (which get a pass because they're technically bars). [Inside Scoop]

CHINATOWN—The Hang An Tea Room, which at 93 years old is Chinatown's oldest restaurant, may be closing; the owner wants to retire. [Zagat]

SAN FRANCISCOThe attempted challenge to the shark-fin ban didn't pass, and shark fin is still illegal in California (though Chinese cultural activists will continue to fight it). [Chron]

CHAPEL HILL—Our compadres at Eater National have a nice interview with former Meadowood executive sous chef Kim Floresca and sous chef Daniel Ryan, who are opening their own place, [ONE] restaurant, in North Carolina. [~ EN ~]

OAKLANDSweet Bar Bakery chef Mani Niall's claim to fame is his stint as Michael Jackson's private chef, and he's throwing a birthday bash in honor of the King of Pop tomorrow, with Jackson's favorites of his dishes (like chilaquiles, adobo, and healthy cookies). There may also be a reprise of Niall's infamous Thriller flash mob. [NBC Bay Area]