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Minnies' Bacon Bonanza; District Shuts Takeout Window

[Photo: Thomas Hawk/Flickr]

LOWER HAIGHTIt's a bacon fest over at Memphis Minnies, where the barbecue joint is previewing one bacon dish per day leading up to an "International Bacon Day" bonanza on Saturday. Today's dish is a smoked turkey and bacon club, but come Saturday look out for caramel bacon popcorn, bacon mac n' cheese, chicken fried bacon and much more. [Haighteration]

OAKLANDCarriage House, District's lunchtime takeout window, has shuttered as of about a week ago. No word on what the restaurant plans to do with the space going forward, but their chowders, salads and lamb meatball sandwich will surely be missed. [EBX]

HAYES VALLEYIn competitive seating news, Two Sisters Bar and Books will be adding a single table and two chairs on the sidewalk in front of their Hayes Street space. As long as you're seated at the table you'll be able to take advantage of the full food and drink menu, so get there early if you want to snag that seat. The table should be all set up within the next two weeks. [Hayeswire]

OAKLANDBocanova is hosting a fourth anniversary celebration tonight. As in past years, the event will benefit the Oakland Fund for the Arts with a waterfront cocktail reception, silent auction and six-course dinner featuring a menu inspired by travels in Peru and Argentina. [EaterWire]