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The Bay's Cronut Knockoff Has Finally Arrived

Cronots, cronots, cronots.
Cronots, cronots, cronots.
Photo: Posh Bakery

The cronut, Dominique Ansel's hybrid of croissant and donut, has been earning reams of press for weeks now, and lines to score one at his NYC bakery have been backing up for some time. Though everyone from indie chefs to Korean Dunkin' Donuts have been eagerly knocking off the pastry (which is trademarked, leading to names like "doissant"), the Bay Area had decided not to join the craze—until now.

Posh Bakery, a wholesale purveyor in the South Bay, is leading the NorCal cronut vanguard with their "cronot," available in glazed, chocolate, strawberry, and cinnamon varieties (each available with or without custard; Ansel's version has it). They only have a handful of retail partners in SF proper, but four SF outposts of Lee's Deli are scheduled to get a cronot delivery this morning: 222 Front Street, 170 Spear Street, 75 Battery Street, and 235 Montgomery Street. There's also a sporadic supply at Java Trading Co. at 5th and Mission, or they can be ordered wholesale. They run about $3 a pop.

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