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Blue Barn Polk, A Sandwich, Salad, and Wine Spot

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[Photos: Patricia Chang]

The Blue Barn empire has expanded again: after a long delay since its initial announcement in July 2011, the sandwich and salad mini-chain's third location is now open on Polk Street, in the former Yabbie's Coastal Kitchen space. The trio of Sam Josi, Nate Valentine, and Stryker Scales, who also have Mamacita, Padrecito, Tipsy Pig, and Umami in their portfolio, are once again behind the project, which seats 48. Why the wait? "The deal on the space took a long time, and by the time it came through, we wanted to make sure Padrecito was up and running correctly," says Valentine.

Like the Marina original and the Marin expansion, Blue Barn features innumerable sandwich and salad configurations, available in a build-your-own format or via a pre-selected menu. Valentine says the menu at Polk will likely stay much the same as the one on Chestnut Street (viewable here), with the possible addition of 1-2 extra protein options. The beer and wine license is also in play, with a bottle-only lineup of California brews (and one Icelandic one), and wines from local winemakers. Valentine's cousin Brittany Hull, who designed Padrecito, once again worked her magic on the space, with cool additions like a wine bar, a barn-like exterior, and plenty of reclaimed wood and corrugated aluminum. Hours are 11 am-8 pm Tuesday-Sunday; note that they will be closed this Sunday, however. Eventually, Valentine hopes to expand the hours and open on Mondays.

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Blue Barn Gourmet

2105 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA 94123 415 441 3232