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Tenroku Sushi, New Fish in Japantown

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Tenroku Sushi
Phone: (415) 673-1328
Status: Open

There's new sushi afoot in J-town, where Tenroku Sushi has opened up in the former Maki space inside the Kinokuniya Mall. Tables in the small space have been replaced with a rounded sushi bar that delivers plates via a motorized conveyor, adding Tenroku to the list of the mall's conveyor-style sushi joints alongside Isobune's sushi boats.

Owner Simon Woo is also behind the city's Sushi Raw locations, but the ever-popular conveyor belt concept is new territory. Tenroku is set to deliver a standard selection of raw and cooked sushi rolls in a quick and casual environment, but look out for sukiyaki and chef specials like the Kobe beef nigiri.

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Tenroku Sushi

1825 Post Street, Ste 215, San Francisco, CA