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3 Potato 4 Coming to Mid-Market in October

A new potato-based franchise out of Massachusetts is setting up shop in mid-Market, right off of 6th Street. Called 3 Potato 4, the location is the first planned outpost for owner Morgen Van Buren, who says more Bay Area spots may be in the works.

The shop's offering will center around a selection of organic, baked french fries with a variety of sauce options, from curry ketchup to pesto mayo to thai chili sauce, plus extras like vegan bacon bits, malt vinegar and sriracha. The company has a healthy and sustainable focus, with 99% fat free fries served in biodegradable paper cones. The Market Street shop, which is among the first few locations to unroll nationwide, will be takeout-based and open from 11am to 7pm. Van Buren is aiming for an early October opening.

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3 Potato 4

1051 Market St., San Francisco CA