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Workshop Cafe, Coworking in the FiDi

Workshop Cafe
180 Montgomery St. at Bush St.
Phone: (415) 322-1048
Status: Open

Workshop Cafe, a wired cafe where they actually encourage you to bring your laptop and get to work, is finally online in the Financial District. Unlike most cafes, which consider work-from-home types a necessary evil, Workshop's business model revolves around laptop-toting telecommuters settling in for the long haul. They charge $2/hour for the convenience of using their wifi, abundant outlets, and office-like amenities like ergonomic seating, and in a neat innovation, you can "log in" and "log out" of the cafe using their smartphone app, so you only pay for the exact amount of time you spend there.

But for all its innovations, Workshop is also a straight-up cafe, complete with a full array of Stumptown coffee drinks served on La Marzocco machines (including a popular cold-brewed iced coffee) and a selection of pastries and treats. Self-serve coffee is available on the honor system, and a front patio adds an outdoor component to the space, which has a distinctly techie vibe: download the app and you can order your coffee to be delivered straight to your table. Hours are Monday-Friday, 6am-10pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 8 am-10 pm.

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Workshop Cafe

180 Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA