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Dirty Water to Bring Top-Notch Libations to Mid-Market

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Kristian Cosentino knows his stuff, and the former Press Club GM and self-described beverage geek is looking to flex his knowledge with an ambitious new project. After plotting a new space for years, Cosentino is in the process of establishing Dirty Water, a drinking mecca on Market Street that will showcase Cosentino's passion for the best of everything, from wine and beer to hard-to-get spirits.

The planned space will occupy 8,600 square feet on Market between Van Ness and 11th. Although the buildout has yet to begin, Cosentino says his plan is to install a 150-foot bar and create three distinct lounge spaces, as well as putting in communal tables and smaller six-tops. A streamlined food menu will be on offer, but the focus will be on drinking: each dish will have drink-pairing suggestions, to better show off the impressive beverage list.

When it comes to drinking, Cosentino's plan is to find "the best of literally everything." That means securing top-flight spirits, wine, and beer that transcend the average bar's selection, like Pappy Van Winkle bourbon and Cantillon lambics. When it comes to beer, Cosentino is planning on pouring "the best in the world" from 51 short-draw taps, including a selection of sours and rare allocated brews; he built a network of contacts at Press Club that he'll be able to utilize in the process.

Dirty Water will also showcase 100 wines by the glass, made possible by the recently introduced Coravin system, which uses a high-tech needle to access bottles with no degradation to the quality of the wine. That means that high-end bottles that might otherwise be inaccessible for everyday folks will be available to try in two-ounce and five-ounce pours. A limited menu of about five rotating cocktails will also be on offer.

Although the focus on quality will likely draw a highbrow crowd, Cosentino says he wants Dirty Water be to a hangout for everyone, which means a range of pricing that aims to make the bar as much a spot for a casual beer as as a high-end wine or Armagnac. But the bottom line for Cosentino's passion project is that the every beverage poured is the top contender in its field: "If I wouldn't drink it, I'm not going to have it." Dirty Water is targeting a March opening, so stay tuned for updates.

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Dirty Water

1446 Market St., San Francisco, CA