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Subway Promo Pranksters; Lucky Peach's Nacho Strategy

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—Unbelievable but true: a local prankster got a FiDi Subway location to accept The Onion's fake "Subtember 11th" promoand caught the whole thing on video. [~ EN ~]

THE MISSION—Nachos at Mission taquerias are often sad, rubbery, microwaved affairs, but Lucky Peach has devised a new method, involving Taqueria Cancun's leaky quesadilla filling. [Lucky Peach]

BERNAL HEIGHTS—Tonight marks seven tasty years for The Front Porch, and they're celebrating with a casino night, featuring games, a $20 fried-chicken buffet, and a performance by an Elvis impersonator. The party runs from 5-10 pm. [EaterWire]

SOMA—Beginning tomorrow, Prospect will be offering weekday lunch from 11:30-2 pm, with dishes like chopped salad, seared calamari, and a fried-chicken sandwich. [EaterWire]

Prospect Restaurant

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