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Traci Des Jardins Launching New Presidio Restaurant

Barracks photo: Presidio Trust

The Presidio has been trying to get into the foodcentric swing of things in recent years, opening up Dixie, hosting a weekly Off the Grid event, and now, bringing in Traci des Jardins. The Jardiniére chef, who's already notched institutional restaurant partnerships with AT&T Park's Public House and Mijita, will be at the center of a wide-ranging new food program at the picturesque former military base, according to Inside Scoop. In partnership with Bon Appétit Management Company, the main attraction will be an as-yet-unnamed 112-seat restaurant in the former Montgomery Street Barracks building, which has already been seismically retrofitted and equipped with a kitchen in an attempt to lure chefs. Des Jardins' protégé Robbie Lewis, who's also cooked at Bacar, will run the kitchen, which will offer Spanish-influenced California cuisine.

The plan is to stay open in order to cater to tourists and office workers by day and locals by night, with casual, takeout-friendly options for breakfast and lunch, and a more upscale bistro feel in the evening. An adjacent retail shop will sell a curated selection of groceries and prepared meals, with housemade offerings like jam, bread, and charcuterie. Des Jardins and Bon Appetit will also cater all the Presidio's event venues, with a plan to go live by December to catch the holiday rush. They'll also offer occasional cooking classes. Right now, the restaurant itself is targeting a February 2014 opening, though that may shift depending on a variety of factors.

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TDJ Presidio Restaurant

101 Montgomery St., The Presidio, San Francisco, CA