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Mission Film Crews; Berkeley Kitchens Debuts

Doc's Clock signage. [Photo: Todd Lapin/Flickr]
MISSIONThe Mission was awash with films crews yesterday, with sightings of a posse filming Amazon's new show "Betas" at Bi-Rite Creamery, and a separate crew from HBO's "Looking" filming at Doc's Clock. [Uptown Almanac]

BERKELEYAmbitious project The Berkeley Kitchens has debuted in Berkeley, offering commercial kitchen space for local food entrepreneurs like Baron Baking, Morell's Bread and Nature's Express to call their own. [EBX]

LOWER HAIGHTA recipe for Wing Wings' "Chicken Wings with Angry Korean Sauce" made it into Food & Wine magazine as a "staff favorite" (albeit without the "Korean" part). Toronado also saw some media play, winning second place in the Pacific category of's "Great American Beer Bars" list. [Haighteration]

HAYES VALLEYThe Blind Cafe, a dining experience that takes place in total darkness, is coming to The Center SF with a mission to awaken the senses and empower the blind. [SF Biz Times]