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Watch Skenes, State Bird, Ong in Chefs Feed's New Videos

SF-based startup Chefs Feed has long had a hotline to the city's culinary elite, polling them on their favorite places to grab a bite for their popular app (which is also on its way to becoming a paper guidebook). Now, they've moved into the realm of video, creating three new Web series: Covers, which breaks down a restaurant by the numbers; The Usual, where chefs talk about another chef's favorite dish; and Roots, where chefs discuss their influences and ideas. The Covers video above stars Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski of State Bird Provisions, talking through the amount of quail and peanut milk they go through each night, and the average tab (a surprisingly reasonable $50/person).

Here's Alex Ong (formerly of Betelnut) raving about Pete Mrabe's hamburguesa torta at Don Pisto's, with Mrabe showing how to make it (what's that secret brown sauce, Pete?)

And here's Joshua Skenes of Saison talking about his childhood, his school background, and how he came up through the industry:

Those interested in seeing more can subscribe to their YouTube channel, where new videos will appear weekly.

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State Bird Provisions

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