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Douglas Keane Won Top Chef Masters Last Night

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Keane and host Curtis Stone.
Keane and host Curtis Stone.
Photo: Bravo

Former Cyrus chef Douglas Keane took home the cheftestapant crown on Top Chef Masters last night, becoming the show's fifth winner and the second from the Bay Area (Chris Cosentino of Incanto won the grand prize in 2012). Keane beat out Bryan Voltaggio and Denver's Jennifer Jasinski (Rioja), and was rewarded with the $100,000 prize for his animal-rescue charity, Green Dog Rescue Project. "I was really flattered. It was one of the hardest things I've done professionally and was surprised I won," Keane told Bravo in a post-show interview.

Though he hasn't gotten back into fine dining since the closure of Cyrus last year (with the exception of a couple of pop-ups and charity dinners), Keane remains a very busy man: in addition to filming the show, he's planning to open a wings spot, DK Wings, in the forthcoming Graton Resort & Casino in Rohnert Park, and he's also working on a cookbook.

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