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Burma Superstar Shuttered in E. Coli Outbreak

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[Photo: Joe Vasquez/Twitter]

Beloved Inner Richmond Burmese outpost Burma Superstar closed its doors over the weekend, due to an E. coli outbreak that health officials have linked to the restaurant. The San Francisco Health Department is investigating 14 cases of E. coli, nine of which affected people who dined at Burma Superstar on August 16 or 17. "There have been no fatalities and there have been no new cases since this exposure date," the SFDPH said in a statement.

After the outbreak was traced to them, Burma Superstar chose to voluntarily close up shop for the weekend, and is reopening today. "We are doing everything we can to ensure that an incident of this type never occurs again," owner Desmond Tan said in a statement. He pointed out that this is the first such incident in the restaurant's 17-year history. "We have and continue to adhere to the highest food safety health practices, including having DPH officials provide food safety seminars to our staff. Additionally, we have always utilized vendors that provide only the best ingredients."

According to the San Francisco Department of Public Health, the outbreak appears to be an isolated incident. "Our preliminary conclusion is that there is no ongoing risk to the public's health," the SFDPH stated. "The restaurant, San Francisco Burma Superstar, is fully cooperating with health authorities. Their environmental food inspections have been excellent." They're now back open, and cooperating with the DPH to ensure safe food handling and preparation.

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