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The Absinthe Group Opening Restaurant at 8th & Brannan

After making it known that they were hunting around for a space in mid-Market, Bill Russell-Shapiro and his team at the Absinthe Group (the Hayes Valley quartet of Absinthe, Boxing Room, Arlequin Cafe, and Arlequin Wine Merchant) have decided on a slightly more southerly destination for their next project: 888 Brannan, a recently converted building designed to attract tech tenants, most notably Airbnb. As Inside Scoop reports, the 5,400-square-foot offering will be the group's largest yet, and while a name, concept, and chef haven't been nailed down, it will have full liquor and a sizable bar.

The space will have a few other features that have already been agreed upon, including outdoor seating, bike parking, a private dining room, and valet parking. Breakfast will be served in a lobby cafe, with lunch and dinner in the main dining room. Russell-Shapiro hopes to choose a name relating to the space's history as a battery factory, which he'll announce sometime before the restaurant opens in summer 2014.

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TBD Absinthe Group Restaurant

888 Brannan St., San Francisco, CA