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Taste Tea Shutters; Coffee Bar's Wifi Solution

HAYES VALLEY—Island of serenity Taste Tea may have been a little too serene, as the Zen-like neighborhood favorite has closed its doors. Tea fans, don't give up hope: owner Vincent Fung has confirmed that he's currently on the lookout for a new location. [Hayeswire]

MISSION—Freelance bastion Coffee Bar is out to solve your overwhelming guilt over hogging all that cafe Wifi. They've debuted a premium Wifi system that allows you to pay $5 per day or $25 per month for unlimited access to "business-grade" Internet, so now you can camp out with a clear conscience to go along with your coffee. [Sprudge]

BERNAL HEIGHTS—There's trouble over at the former Deli Pub, where a clean out of the interior left furniture, old food and other trash out on the sidewalk for a full day over the weekend. No word on whether that a copy of mass-market classic Scruples Two was rescued by a neighbor or eventually made it to the dump. [Bernalwood]

MISSIONHi Lo BBQ's gargantuan smoker is being put to uses outside of the restaurant's normal operations. In a unique setup, chef Robin Song is renting out space in the meat smoker to other local businesses like Mission Chinese Food and fish distributor Water2Table, taking in either swapped goods or cash to supplement the cost of running the equipment. Want to rent out Hi Lo's smoker? Now's your chance. [SF Biz]