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TipsForJesus Tips Roka Akor Server $3,000 on $147 Bill

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Photo: Courtesy Roka Akor

TipsForJesus, the mysterious collective that has been randomly distributing extravagant tips to servers as a form of charity, struck in San Francisco last night, giving a $3,000 tip on a $147 bill to a server named Hilary at Roka Akor (who is understandably "thrilled"). The restaurant says that the tipper was "a gentleman in his 40s, tall with dark hair, very friendly and nice." As we learned from TipsForJesus' interview with Eater National, the group isn't a single person, but a collective of generous souls (one of whom has been widely rumored to be PayPal millionaire Jack Selby—who is tall, has dark hair, is 39 years old, and lives in the Bay Area). TipsForJesus hasn't yet confirmed the tip drop on their Instagram page; we'll update when it appears. It's not the first time they've visited SF, either: they tipped $1,000 on a $152 bill at Tacolicious in the Marina a couple of months back.

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Roka Akor

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