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Unterman's Rodgers Tribute; Serious Eats Loves SF Sweets

CIVIC CENTERPatricia Unterman, who came up in the SF food scene with the late Judy Rodgers of Zuni Cafe, recently ate at Zuni in tribute to the pioneering chef. Her memorial blog post is quite touching: "Judy created something timeless that will live on as long as there is food memory." [Unterman on Food]

SAN FRANCISCO—The Bay Area performed well in Serious Eats' roundup of the best sweets they consumed in 2013, with the site's writers singling out b. patisserie's kouign amann, Jane on Fillmore's oat cakes, Three Babes Bakeshop pies, and something no restaurant can create: fresh summer figs. [Serious Eats: Sweets]

NOE VALLEY—What takes a lemonade and snickerdoodle stand from good to great? Accepting Bitcoin as payment, of course. These future restaurateurs could teach local spots a thing or two about self-promotion. [NoeValleySF]

THE MISSIONMarla Bakery Kitchen Communal has added bread to the lineup at their Mission window, making it easy to pick up a loaf for dinner when you snag lunch. [@marlabakery]

Zuni Cafe

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