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Analog Bringing Low-Tech Dining to Oakland

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Bender's Bar and Grill is a Mission destination for good bar grub and lo-fi bar ambiance, and now chef-owner Sean Asmar is expanding his reach with a planned Oakland spot that will eschew modern technology in favor of the warmth of nostalgia. There will be no ordering from iPads at Analog, Asmar's upcoming restaurant, which will take the former Golden Bull location on 14th Street in Oakland. Instead, East Bay Express reports that VHS cassette tapes, record players and old cathode-ray-tube television sets will take diners back to a simpler time.

Asmar plans to take his experience at Bender's to the next level, ramping up his famous grass-fed burgers and diversifying with meaty dishes like apple-cider pulled pork, lamb poutine and, wait for it, tacos stuffed with fried alligator nuggets. Vegans and vegetarians will find plenty to like, too: a vegan cheesesteak and vegan "Rachel" sandwich will be on the menu, along with a house-made veggie burger.

Analog is still awaiting final beer and wine licensing, but it's clearly got a beer-forward focus, and Asmar will feature several brews on tap once everything is in place. For now, he is targeting an early spring opening date, so stay tuned for alligator tacos coming your way soon.

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412 14th Street, Oakland CA