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Jim Harbaugh's Pants Saga; Non-Stinky Hot Yoga; More!

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Welcome to On the Racked, where San Francisco editor Kristen Philipkoski shares the top retail and fashion news of the week.

Photo via Instagram/MsFanGirl

BAY AREA—Will 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh take up menswear brand Bonobos on their 10k offer?

MARINA—Hate working out in a stinky yoga room with sweaty people? Try Body Temp Yoga, it's not smelly.

SAN FRANCISCO—Now that the Super Bowl is off the table, will anyone pay $500 for Jim Harbaugh's chinos?

MENLO PARK—According to Poshmark, these are the brands that will re-sell fastest from your closet.

EVERYWHERE—This week in Editor's Picks we've got the comfiest leggings ever, the most luscious lipstick, the hottest new way to wash your face, and tons more.

UNION SQUARE—Bargain designer goods mecca Loehmann's is going out of business. We're sad about that, but happy about the amazing blow-out sale.

SAN FRANCISCO—Can the Zero Waste initiative eliminate the 39 million pounds of clothes and shoes trashed every hour in SF?