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Glove Law Opposition Heats Up; Missing SF Food

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CALIFORNIA—Frustration with the new food-safety law that will require bartenders to wear gloves when they make drinks is coming to a head, and a petition has been launched to get David Richard Pan, chairman of the California Committee on Health, to change his mind. Opponents argue that the law is actually less sanitary than handwashing, not environmentally friendly due to all the wasted plastic gloves, and affects the performance and style of the craft-cocktail experience. Those in agreement can sign it here. []

SAN FRANCISCO—Formerly SF-based comedian Moshe Kasher is pursuing greener career fields in L.A., but he's still nostalgic for "the place where I learned the difference between farm-to-table tomato foam and farm-to-table tomato water." In a Sketchfest op-ed, he laments his lost SF dining favorites: "I know all too acutely the pain of living without El Farolito. I know the suffering that comes when, upon awakening, the stark reality of a cup of Philz being more than six hours away." [SF Weekly]

THE MISSIONAnte Meridian chef Anthony Yang continues his work on the brunch beat this weekend, with another Saturday-morning brunch pop-up at Dear Mom (think black-truffle waffles and slow-scrambled eggs with scallion marmalade) and a special industry brunch at Naked Kitchen on Monday, featuring Chinese rice porridge, homemade English muffins, and plenty of PBR. [EaterWire]

SOMA—The Slow Food organization's Slow Wine event is going down on Monday at Terra Gallery, featuring over 70 Italian vintners who adhere to the organization's principles of sustainable viticulture, environmental sensitivity, and of course, deliciousness. Tickets are $45 and include a copy of their Slow Wine Guide. [EaterWire]