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Poggio's Bollito Misto; Bergerac's Retro Happy Hour

SAUSALITO—It's time once again for Poggio's bollito misto, a mid-winter treat presented by chef Benjamin Balesteri. Starting today and continuing through February 9th, look for brisket, oxtail, catechino sausage and other meats slowly simmered in cooking broth and accompanied with a selection of sauces like creme fraiche and bone marrow butter, all for $19. [EaterWire]

SOMA—Get ready for an American Hustle-style throwback happy hour at Bergerac, which will debut tomorrow evening from 5pm to 7pm. Happy hour will include $6 "retro cocktails" like banana daiquiris and grasshoppers, plus a $20 "Boogie Nights" punch bowl, $5 well cocktails and $2 retro bar bites like deviled eggs and pigs in a blanket. [EaterWire]

BERKELEYGreat China has breached the ABC's defenses and acquired a beer and wine license, meaning that you can wash down your walnut prawns and Peking duck with a little more gusto from here on out. [Tablehopper]

UNION SQUARE—Sunday and Monday nights traditionally belong to the professionals, and tonight marks the first official "industry night" at the Burritt Room. Expect shot-and-beer specials for $7 and industry breaks on bar bites; the event will run all night, every Monday night. [EaterWire]