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New Laotian in Excelsior; 2212 Takes Punchdown Space

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INGLESIDE—The challengingly named Maneelap Srimongkoun, a Laotian restaurant, is now open in the Excelsior. The city now has its first-ever Lao food thanks to it and the second location of Oakland's Champa Garden in Ingleside. [Tasting Table]

OAKLAND—The replacement for The Punchdown, a wine bar called 2212 that's owned by Sam Patel and Paul Fitzpatrick, is now up and running in Oakland. They have a bistro-inspired menu and will feature former O Chame chef David Vardy as a guest chef next Thursday. [Tablehopper]

MARINA—It may have been founded in Berkeley, but Peet's Coffee & Tea has decided to plant its flagship store in the Marina, opening it today at 2080 Chestnut St. The new store's look, with Carrara marble, a plant wall, and what a release describes as "steam punk" lighting fixtures, will be the template for other Peet's locations going forward. They'll also be offering fresh grab-and-go food from chef Arnold Eric Wong. [EaterWire]

SAN FRANCISCO—Ever wanted to run a restaurant in your home for a night? The Urban Eating League is putting out a call for teams to compete in their March 8 "Big Eat" contest, complete with themed food, decor, and costumes. Sign up here. [EaterWire]

[Photo: Luis C./Yelp]