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Moishe's to Chez Maman; Bloomfield Signs Cookbook Deal

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HAYES VALLEY—Rumors are swirling that the shuttered Moishe's Pippic already has a taker: the folks behind nearby Chez Maman, who want to open a seafood spot. [Hayeswire]

NORTH BEACH—It's been a big week for April Bloomfield: after signing a lease to turn the former Lusty Lady into a bar, she's also announced a second cookbook, the vegetable-themed A Girl and Her Greens, for March 2015. [~ EN ~]

SOMACorey Lee of Benu wants to show you how to cook with Asian pear and matsutake mushrooms. [Food & Wine]

SAN FRANCISCOMarcia Gagliardi, a.k.a. the Tablehopper, has dropped her annual The Bore, a list of things she'd rather not see at SF restaurants in 2014. Among the items mentioned: fancy juice, spring mix salads, restaurants that force diners to eat from lounge tables, and bad restaurant music. [Tablehopper]