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San Francisco's Smallest Home for Sale; Inside Blanc's Penthouse; More!

Welcome to Curbed Cuts, where Curbed SF editor Sally Kuchar shares the best real estate and neighborhood news of the week.hgtfrsdvbhn.jpgSFO— Here's a sneak peek of the the upcoming 400-room luxury hotel next to SFO.

PACIFIC HEIGHTS— The founder of Sharper Image can't seem to unload his mansion, so he's lowered the price from $11.95M to $10.95M.

COW HOLLOW— $349K will fetch you San Francisco's smallest home currently on the market. It's 265 square feet.

PRESIDIO HEIGHTS— It's been decided: 3660 Jackson will play host the the 2014 Decorator Showcase. How glamorous!

TENDERNOBYour first look at Blanc's 2,000 square foot penthouse.

NOB HILL— A very posh condo designed by San Francisco society dame (and interior designer) Ann Getty has hacked $325K off its asking price, making it $2.25M.

HUNTERS POINTHere now, a video of the proposed mega development for the Candlestick site.

RICHMOND DISTRICT— Here are the ten least expensive properties for sale in the Richmond. Spoiler alert: None are in the Inner Richmond.

SAN FRANCISCO— Last week's three biggest residential sales include fancy condos and Centenarians single-family homes. The most expensive sale was a single-family home in Cole Valley that sold for $3.795M.