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Trick Dog Debuts New Astrological Cocktail Menu

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Trick Dog's creative cocktail menus are almost as well-known as the drinks themselves, and now Alcademics brings word that they've debuted a third iteration of their rotating drink selection. This time, color-blocked Pantone paint swatches and retro records have given way to a more esoteric look: a sliding horoscope wheel that features twelve new drinks, one for each astrological sign in the zodiac.

Among the new drinks on offer are a reckless mezcal mix for Aries, with Ancho Reyes, Pampero rum, Pedro Ximénez and black tea bitters; a well-balanced Libra blend of tequila Ocho Plata, tangerine, dill, lime, egg white and matcha; and a white rum, Batiste rhum agricole, Punt e mes, grapefruit, celery and lime cocktail for 'clever' Pisces [Alcademics has all 12 drinks in the zodiac here.] What do the stars say about your future? Probably that a hangover is coming your way.

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