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Prankster Terrorizes Noe with Sign Announcing a Hooters Location

We can only imagine the stroller-related pile-ups.


[Sign photo: erosresmini/Twitter]

We like a good restaurant prank as much as the next person, but we're sure the ABC won't be happy to see that someone has made a perfect knockoff of their liquor-license application sign—in order to convince the parents of Noe Valley that their idyllic neighborhood will soon be graced by a location of Hooters. Sent to us by a tipster on Saturday, the sign was mounted on the still-shuttered remains of Noe Valley's Bliss Bar, which closed last year after a catastrophic fire. It lists a license transfer for a type 48 license (a.k.a. full liquor), with a DBA of "Neighborhooters."

But while we know Bliss Bar won't be returning (owner Pierre Letheule cancelled his liquor license last August), Noe-ites shouldn't fear: there's no application in the ABC's database for said Hooters, and the listed corporate name of "Hooters, LLC" is incorrect; the company is actually known as "Hooters of America, LLC." Besides, it's not like Hooters has had much traction in the SF market; their lone location, in Fisherman's Wharf, shuttered in 2011, and was implicated in a class-action lawsuit alleging that servers were denied their tips.

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