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Bernal's Eagle Donuts Closing After 20 Years

Yet another long-running donut shop bites the dust.

Are we in the end times for old-school donut shops? Just a month after the Marina's All-Star Donuts ended its 28-year run, it now looks like Eagle Donuts, a staple of the Mission strip below Bernal Heights, is also on its way out. As Bernalwood reports, the 20-year-old donut shop is closing on Monday. Its owner says that she was fortunate enough to avoid dealing with the rent hikes that have forced out other SF businesses in the past few years, but that with milk and sugar prices constantly on the rise, not to mention minimum-wage increases, donuts just aren't a lucrative enough proposition. (A glazed at Eagle Donuts still runs a very reasonable $1.10, compared to the $3 specimens at nearby haute-donut joint Dynamo.) With El Zocalo and Dell'Uva having also shuttered this year (though the former is set to house an expanded version of neighborhood favorite Emmy's Spaghetti Shack), things are definitely changing below Cesar Chavez.