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Lena Dunham Praises Tosca Cafe's "Sexual" Bread Shards

She ate there last night after a book-tour appearance.

Jason Kempin

It looks like Tosca Cafe is reclaiming its olden-days reputation as a celebrity hangout. Only a couple of months after Beyoncé and Jay-Z dined there two nights in a row, the restaurant played host to Lena Dunham, in town last night for a sold-out appearance on the book tour for her new Not That Kind of Girl. Dunham was joined for dinner by two "women I love in SF": Afar magazine creative director Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson (who designed the book), and Tech LadyMafia founder Aminatou Sow.

Caricamento in corso

Sandwiched by women I love in SF @white_lightning @aminatou #NotThatKindOfTour

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Dunham, who's made no secret of her affection for carbohydrates, also posted a picture of a tray of bread shards in Tosca's kitchen, which she dubbed a "#sexualfantasy."


Bread shards at Tosca in SF #sexualfantasy

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She likes it here:

Though apparently she made at least one enemy:

Tosca Cafe

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