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Sheryl Sandberg Parts with Atherton McManse; Synesthetic Maps; What Your Zip Code Says About You

Plus more real estate and neighborhood news from our sister site, Curbed SF.

SILICON VALLEY—Facebook COO and posture critic Sheryl Sandberg sold the Atherton McManse she shares with husband David Goldberg to the tune of $9.25M.

SAN FRANCISCO—This awesome synesthetic map turns the city's topography into rainbows.

EVERYWHERE—Here's a sanitized, marketer-friendly version of Judgmental Maps. Go ahead, find out what your zip code says about you.

BAY AREA—It's decorative gourd season, so here's a map of the very best pumpkin patches around the Bay Area. You're welcome.

MARIN—This historic manor in Belvedere used to be priced around $70 million, but now it's only $49 million. Got a problem? Take it to the panic room.

SAN FRANCISCO—Here's what $2,200/month rents you around San Francisco. Not all studios, we promise! (But yeah, mostly studios.)

TENDERLOIN—This totally sumptuous mini-manse began life as an early-20th-century Chinese laundry. Now it's a live-work space steeped in aristocratic finishes, but the regular ol' Exit sign is the main tell.