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Orenchi Ramen Arriving on Valencia Next Week

The Santa Clara favorite is going to have lines like you've never seen.

The original Orenchi, in Santa Clara.
The original Orenchi, in Santa Clara.

After more than a year of planning and construction, Orenchi Ramen, arguably the Bay Area's most acclaimed noodle purveyor, is finally set to make its Mission debut. Owner Kuniko Ozawa plans to open the new outpost at 174 Valencia, called Orenchi Beyond, next Tuesday, October 28. Like the original, it'll be first come, first served, and at a mere 42 seats, Ozawa anticipates that the lines may be even crazier than those at the Santa Clara original, where waits can top two hours.

Orenchi is known for its signature tonkotsu ramen, though it also offers shio and shoyu varieties. It's also known for tsukemen, or dipping noodles, which are limited in the South Bay to 15 orders a day; Ozawa says she won't offer tsukemen at opening, but hopes to add it next year, and hasn't decided whether or not to set a similar limit. While the ramen will be the same in SF as it is in Santa Clara, diners can expect lots of new side dishes to accompany their noodles. The restaurant has secured its beer and wine license, and will offer Japanese brews, sake, soju, and plum wine.

To start, Orenchi's hours will be Tuesday-Thursday, 6-9:30 pm; Friday-Saturday, 6-11:30 pm; and Sunday, 5-8:30 pm. Ozawa says all that's subject to change, and she may consider longer hours, based on demand.