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The Mission Is Getting Yet Another Food-Truck Park

A single taco cart grows into a hopeful food truck destination.

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Google Street View

A semi-vacant former used car lot at the corner of Valencia and Cesar Chavez streets could become the city's next food truck corral, assuming all the necessary paperwork successfully navigates the city's various permitting processes. The lot, which sits at the intersection of two bike routes and is currently home to the El Paisano taco cart, could be hosting up to seven other food trucks after some construction work and upgrades to bring it up to code.

According to a tipster over on real estate blog Socketsite, the site will be getting repaved and fitted with new seating, bike racks, plumbing and a permanent restroom structure, which is all confirmed by permitting documents from the planning department. There's also chatter that the site will be have a beer and wine license so thirsty bike commuters and outdoor dinners may slake their thirst, but it is apparently too early in the process to wake up the good people at the ABC.

There's no projected opening date just yet, and no word on whether Tacos El Paisano will get to keep its humble little spot beside the Salvation Army store either, but we'll be sure to keep you updated as the process putters along.

In the meantime, fans of truck-based kitchens can find more options at the recently opened Duboce Truck Stop at Valencia at Duboce, different weekday trucks at Mission Dispatch and those classic standbys like El Tonayense and El Gallo Giro that will hopefully never ever disappear.