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Former High-End Wine Guys Look To Laid-Back Clement Street For New Wine Bar Project

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According to paperwork with the ABC, a pair of sommeliers from Ame and the Restaurant at Meadowood are coming to Clement and 6th Avenue for a project tentatively called "Pivot."

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[By: Ellen Fort]

Could the Inner Richmond be about to receive an upscale wine bar? Local wine heavyweights Michael Ireland (The Restaurant at Meadowood, Wingtip) and John Vuong (Ame, Gary Danko) appear to be teaming up, according to a recent ABC license application. Previously, Ireland has focused heavily on local independent wine producers in his consulting roles at Berkeley's Gather and Verbena on Polk Street in San Francisco. Vuong has experience curating luxury wine collections for Vinfolio and start-up Delectable, as well as currently serving as Sommelier and Wine Director at Ame in the St. Regis San Francisco.

Currently working under the name of Pivot, the potential location is listed at 443 Clement street, former home of the illustrious Fivestar Discount store and directly next door to The Bitter End, a divey local watering hole. The application includes provisions for beer, wine and food, so perhaps we can expect a departure from Vuong and Ireland's previous high-end engagements, in fitting with the low-key vibe found on Clement Street. Either way, we can expect a serious upgrade to your drinking options in the Inner Richmond. Or at the very least, a place to get a drink while you wait in line at Burma Superstar.

We will keep you updated as more details become available.