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Mission Chinese Food Now Has MSG Shakers On Its Tables

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More brilliance from the masters of quirky Chinese food.

Mission Chinese Food/Twitter

After SO Restaurant's sign-based tirade a few weeks back (in which they noted "Yes, we use MSG!"), debate began anew about whether the flavorful, umami-packed compound is actually a health hazard, as so many claim. For their part, Mission Chinese Food's SF location is coming down firmly on the side of MSG: they posted a photo to their Twitter of new MSG shakers filled with the crystalline white powder, fit to be added to an order of Chongqing chicken wings or cumin lamb ribs as desired. ("Authenticity option now available," they joked.) MCF's culinary pranksters also CCed superchef David Chang, who famously gave a talk saying that claims of MSG being dangerous were just hooey. Considering that this guy lived on it for a week and thought it made all his food taste better, it seems like a safe enough bet, though it could just be a secret ploy to cut down on salt costs.

Update, 3:04 pm: "Do these really have MSG inside?" we asked owner Anthony Myint. "Mos def," he replied.

Mission Chinese Food

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