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Monterey's Restaurant 1833 Snags Seattle Star Jason Franey And A Menu Overhaul

Franey was a James Beard finalist and Food & Wine's Best New Chef in 2011.

Restaurant 1833

Monterey's lovely and historic Restaurant 1833 will be getting a jolt of new talent with the arrival of chef Jason Franey in December. Franey won Food & Wine's Best New Chef in 2011 and comes from 63-year-old Seattle institution Canlis, as well as years of training at Eleven Madison Park and Campton Place in New York. As Franey's former bosses Mark and Brian Canlis tell our pals at Eater Seattle, the separation was a mutual decision. According to Brian, Franey "wants to take it to even a higher level, he wants to be in a place where he can get a Michelin star, he wants ownership."

Although Restaurant 1833 has an even longer history than Canlis, Inside Scoop notes Franey won't be bogged down by opening chef Levi Mezick's old menu. Franey will be the first piece in a turnover that includes a completely new menu and cocktail list. The restaurant will also be getting a new sommelier, although no announcement has been made on the wine front as of yet.

According to Coastal Luxury Management CEO David Bernahl, the new menu at 1833 will be "a more casual expression of Jason's food, a more approachable, fun product than he's been able to do at Eleven Madison Park or Canlis in the past." Scoop also hints that there may be more projects between Franey and CLM in the near future.