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'Looking' Filming At Oakland's Historic White Horse Inn Today

Ellen Fort/Eater

Times, they are a changin'. On the heels of the closing of Lexington Club in the Mission, it appears that the SF-centric HBO show "Looking" has decamped to the East Bay to film part of their upcoming second season at The White Horse Inn in Oakland.

The show will be filming today from 11AM - 10PM Thursday, October 30th, according to Mission Street Productions, LLC. The White Horse Inn claims to be the "oldest gay bar in the nation", and has been operating as a gay bar since at least the 1940's. It has changed drastically throughout the years, but has managed to hang on through the ups and downs of gay culture, unlike many of the bars in San Francisco.

Tellingly, one of their recurring shooting locations, Esta Noche, closed earlier this year, forcing the show to fictionalize the bar for their second season. Frequently (and possibly inaccurately) referred to as the "gay version of Girls", "Looking" is in the second season of filming around the Bay Area until November.

[By: Ellen Fort]