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Humphry Slocombe Duck Fat Pecan Pies Arrive At The Ferry Building

Just in time for pie season.

Humphry Slocombe/Facebook

New York can keep its cronuts and creme brulee scones. San Franciscans have their own gloriously decadent pastry innovation, hot and ready for consumption. Humphry Slocombe, the noted creators of the Secret Breakfast, have rolled out a duck fat pecan pie sundae. Yes, duck fat, the food of kings. In your pecan pie.

They've been doing the mini pies for a couple years now at their original 24th Street location, but they can soon be found topped with ice cream at the relatively new Ferry Building location. The whole thing consists of duck fat and pecan pie filling poured into a flakey tart dough shell—a relatively simple but elevated take on your typical holiday dessert.

Humphry Slocombe

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