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The Ferry Building Will Expand Outdoors With Five More Permanent Stalls

A new shady spot for for the building's north arcade.

Rendering via SocketSite

Coming soon to the north side of the Ferry Building: five new permanent outdoor stalls with heated outdoor seating. The space on the Embarcadero side of the building, outside of Gott's is a bit of a dead zone now, but SocketSite explains that corner of the building was once home to ticketing windows that disappeared back in the fifties. During renovations in the early aughts, the building added a couple boxy steel enclosures that currently serve as storage space and a big billboard for CUESA.

The new plan will replace the storage structure with five kiosks built from steel, glass and bronze to match the look of the modern Ferry Building without standing out too much from the historic structure. In addition to the retail spaces, each stall will have its own small, heated patio and the plan maintains a walkway between the stalls and the edge of the arcade, so the seating areas will mostly be kept in the shade. The plan requires approval from the Historic Preservation Commission, but is expected to pass when they come up for a vote next week.

It's still early in the process, so there's no word yet on any potential vendors (the renderings show a Blue Bottle logo, for example, but that seems like an unlikely tenant to us). We've reached out to CUESA for comment, and we'll keep you updated if and when we know more.